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    1. Application

      ODM/OEM in consumer, household and industrial electronic cables

      Consumer Electronics

      3C products data transmission, charging and audio and video transmission

      Smart Home

      charging,data & A/V transmission for household appliances & IoT system

      Automobiles & EV

      Harness on engine control / Motor control / Door / LED/ panel control system and Baterry wires.

      Product Center

      Specializing in the production of wire, cable and connector assembly, and provide universal cable products

      News Center

      2023Mid-Autumn Festival Party

      Mid-Autumn Festival Party all staff


      Liantang Outing Activities

      Liantang Outing Activities-2019-03-30


      The eighth anniversary celebration of Cabletech?

      The eighth anniversary celebration of Cabletech – 2018-09-22?

      About Us

      • ? ?Cabletech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a subsidiary of Cabletech
        Electronics (International) Co., Ltd.,? Cabletech is a global designer and manufacturer of cable
        assembly solution for consumer,smarthome,automotive.Dedicated to advanced product and
        process design,lean manufacturing and partnership, we cooperate with technical leaders to create
        innovative solutions and guide? the development of the industry. CABLE Link? the world,
        TECHnology for life.
        ? The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, OHSAS18001, QC080000 quality
        system certifications as well as UL, CSA, HDMI and other product certifications. Cabletech
        Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of wires, cables and connector? components. It provides universal standardized products and customizes various cable
        for ODM customers.
        ? Focus on R&D investment, vertical integration, self-made raw materials, raw-cable and some
        connectors, so as to more fully meet customers' needs for time, cost, technology and quality, focus on? the cable industry, carefully cultivate, select parts and components, and after careful trial
        assembly verification, meet and exceed the expectations, research and develop new processes,
        and have a long-term layout, Vigorously promote automatic production to stabilize quality and
        improve efficiency, and become a qualified supplier for more and more global excellent customers.

      Solutions For Green Cables

      The vertical integration capabilities of design, parts processing, assembly and testing from raw cable to connectors and cable

      assembly provides one-stop service to customer and customization requirements.


      Founded in 2010
      3 subsidiaries

      Company Milestones

      The strength of the company
      is increasingly consolidated

      Company Culture

      Missions & Visions
      Guiding Principle


      IS09001 & 14001
      Copyright @ Cabletech Electronics International Company Ltd.All rights reservec
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